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Olivia Rose knows … 5 reasons you should rent for every special occasion.

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5 Reasons You Should Rent

Special Occasion Dresses

Discovering Rent the Runway was a game-changer for me. I’m at that awkward age and place in life where Forever 21 is just not cutting it and Theory is not even close to being in my budget (but it is available to rent on the site, yee). Finding clothes that fall somewhere in that awkward middle ground is tougher than you’d think. When formal occasions pop up, I’m always in a panic. Where can I buy something that’s well-made, chic and under $100? Unless I can muster the patience and optimism to rummage through the clearance racks at Lord & Taylor or Bloomingdale’s, I’m SOL.

Meet Rent the Runway. I’ve rented a handful of times for weddings – even adding on earrings and purses for a complete and thoughtless look. It’s super easy, their customer service is excellent, and the options are nearly limitless. Look at how gorgeous my girlfriends look in their rentals!

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February 6, 2016