About Me

Hi! I’m Olivia.

I won $10 in a creative writing contest in 6th grade, so I guess you could say I’ve been writing professionally for nearly 15 years. I am an original Upstate New Yorker and former health and beauty editor of a local magazine for women before picking up and moving to The Big Apple.

I spend Monday-Friday as a copywriter and content creator at an interior design company – Friday nights through Sunday nights are reserved for Friends reruns on Netflix, selling my clothes/shoes/accessories online (read how I made $7,000 doing this here), then buying more clothes/shoes/accessories, and hardcore snugglin’ with my adorable boyfriend.

IMG_3942My nose is perpetually stuck in a book, so much so that I’ve walked onto the wrong subway train, rode it 10 stops out of the way, and then after finally getting onto the right train, I missed my stop on the way home. I am equally as passionate about a perfect 140-character Tweet as I am about perfectly-placed punctuation. I absolutely adore alliteration (see what I did there). I laugh harder than I should at sloth memes, unfriend people on Facebook for spelling errors and eat way too much ice cream.

Not a day goes by that I don’t take a minute to stop, look around and t h a n k  G o d for this amazing, crazy life.

xx, Olivia



February 6, 2016